Notebook Current.

Well at my school a LOT happens and some girlys I met online mite wanna know. So here ya'll go!
*Note: I do not want people to know who I like in my school so I will use fake names. (Snickerdoodle, Snickers,etc.)

January 18, 2008

  All was going well until the last hour of school. My 4ever and always BFF,CoCo, and I were walking to our lockers to get our stuff to go home and my other 4ever and always BFF, Cherry, comes up to me and says, "I talked to Snicker doodle." Snicker doodle is the sister of my x-crush (u will see y). "And guess what she said......Snickers" (my crush)"told his parents he liked me." And of course the end of the world just came out of her mouth. MY CRUSH LIKES MY BFF!!!!!! I was speechless. I told another one of my friends,Duo,this and she dropped her books on my feet!
  The day b4 Cherry and I tried out 4 the talent show. We sang Rush by Aly & AJ. We rocked the stage. We got yes from all the student council. While we were waiting 4 our turn Snickers was also waiting. With his guitar @ hand he asked Cherry and I to come and sing with him. Okay he DOES NOT have the best voice, but we got through it. All I could think was "so hott, so hott, so hott!" Well Friday was the end of that!
  That night I complained to my new and approved crush Sweet tart (through texting). He knows I like him. Thanks to my big mouth (or should I say big fingers=0) Of course he asked who my crush was after I told him I moved on to a new crush. I told him 2 guess and he guessed himself. I didn't want to lie 2 him! So I told him yeah it is you and I am not really sure if I am ready I have already gotten hurt a few times b4......He said cool and we continued talking.

January 22, 2008

  Nothing really happened today. I was a blonde as usual (like that ever changes.=0) Cherry's crush wasn't here so nothing really happened. Mine was though and I could NOT stop staring. I cannot wait till February 1st! Me and Cherry are trying out for the talent show and my crush is playing something special! Can't WAIT!

January 23, 2008

  Well my current crush, Sweettart, has a potty-mouth! He dropped the f-bomb and everything! Well there's an issue! I HATE it when people cuss.

  Other things happened but that really surprised me. I drew pix of my latest story. (No Title Yet) I have read a whole lot of chapters for the current book I am reading, House. Not a whole lot happened. And you all know that as soon as something does happen I will tell u!

January 24, 2008

Nothing happened at school, but everything happened at home. All night I texted Sweet tart and we talked about so much. He was so understanding he sounded like he had a sister. We even talked about growing up and what happens to girls and guys! We talked about rain and I squeezed a whole lot of information out of him. I know his birthday, his type, what he thinks happens when a girl likes him, and I know what high school he is going to. I know who he likes or still has feelings for. I know a whole lot about him now and I am glad I did!

January 25, 2008

Nothing boring old day.....but it IS Friday!!!!!!