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  On top of a hill the wind blew through Saphire's waist-long,golden blonde hair. She stretched out her arms and looked down upon the Kingdom of Crystal.
  The crystal blue skies and waters, and the vast crystal caves were the things who gave the Kingdom its name.

  Saphire had visited this place so often it was like home to her.
  She brought her fingers to her lips and whistled. The whistle rode the air and to the ears of Saphire's ever-changing morphia, Fuego.
  Fuego was currently a Phoenix. His red and yellow feathers gleamed like rays of flame from the sun above. Fuego let out his sing-song screech and landed on a branch above. He morphed into a nimble cat and jumped down,only to turn into a Phoenix once again.

  Saphire giggled softly and walked gracefully over to the amazing creature. She placed her hand upon his red head feathers. She stroked downward and Fuego closed his eyes and made a soft chirp.
  This place couldn't get any better until, a dark shadow covered the Land. An evil laugh covered the air.... 
  "AAAAHHHHHH!" Sophia awoke with a jolt. She looked to her side. The clock said 4:00. Three more hours until school. Sophia slammed back down to her bed and covered herself with her sheets. This was the first time her dream place and her precious Fuego were covered in a shadow. Countless of times she wish this place was real. The Kingdom of Crystal was all over her notebooks and her dreams besides the dreamy boy on her math class. His name was written on her binder 216 times. She wondered if this meant something bad would happen in real life. She hoped not. Sophia turned to her side and finally closed her eyes for the next three hours of night.
  Ugh, science. So fun sometimes,but others not so fun. Sophia's 4th period class were taking notes on the cell. Only the class before she was talking to her cutie crush, Skyler Johansen.
  He had brunette hair and the most gorgeous blue-green eyes. He was very athletic and oh so smart. He also played guitar and had his own band. She mostly talked to him through text on her phone, but today she took a big step and talked to him in person.

  "Sophia? Are you listening?" Uh-oh, Sophia was daydreaming, again. "This is a very important lesson and you need to know this information for your test on Friday. Friday is tomorrow." Tomorrow was Friday? Thank God!
  Sophia had to think of something quick,"I am sorry Mrs. Black. I promise I will study and I am taking notes." Phew. She got lucky that time. One more check mark by her name and she would have a detention. She could not afford a detention so early in the year. Plus, detention was so long and there was no room for imagining in there.
  "Ring!" Finally! Lunchtime! Sophia can actually imagine and tell her BFF what Skyler and her were talking about.
  Sophia's BFF,Summer Windrom, was always the first one to hear everything that goes around the school, good or bad. She currently had a boyfriend, Kyle Samuels. He was best friends with Skyler. It only took Summer three days to snap him in her trap. Summer looked more like a fall. She had dark brunette hair with a few streaks of light brunette that dropped down to her shoulders, and a few sun-kissed freckles. She had chocolate brown eyes and she was about medium height.
  Sophia walked to her locker and grabbed her lunch. As soon as she closed her locker there was Summer's chocolate brown eyes staring right into Sophia's hazel eyes. "I heard you talked to Skyler!" After that was an OVER flow of questions. Sophia stopped her quick,"SHUT UP for a second! First question." Summer thought a second,"What did you talk about?" Sophia's turn to think,"We talked about his band and what he was doing for the talent show. Can we go eat lunch?" "Oh, yeah, sure."
  The questions kept on coming and Sophia answered them all. She ate her PB&J and went and sat on a small patch of long grass to watch the football game and the basketball game. She was also there to daydream. She stared out upon the field and found Skyler playing football. She waved and he stared only to get hit in the head with the football. Sophia got up quick and ran toward him.
When she reached him he had his hand on his head and was moaning. She rushed over and kneeled down quick. She asked him quietly, but quickly," Are you okay? I am so sorry this is my fault." Skyler shook his head and and mumbled," No I am okay I just should have payed attention. Kyle finally reached them only to laugh at the sight of Skyler sprawled in the grass.
Sophia saw herself get up and slap Kyle across the face. Sophia shook her head and realized she was visioning. Instead Skyler got up and pushed Kyle right on the ground. Skyler made a "Oof!" sound and rubbed his butt. "Ouch! Your gonna pay for that!"
  Kyle got up quick and rushed toward Skyler. "KYLE! STOP IT!" screeched Summer, who was running down the field to pull Kyle away. "YOU BRUTE! PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU!" To Summer her boyfriend HAD to be nice or her popularity level would go down. Whenever Kyle fought Summer was there to whip him into shape. "NOW GET OFF SKYLER!"
  Head lowered, Kyle walked over to Summer red-handed. They walked away and Summer turned around to give the signal for Sophia to go and help Skyler. Sophia got it and walked over to Skyler,"C'mon I will walk you to the nurse's office." It was a good thing it was a long walk.
  Through the walk Sophia and Skyler talked about rain. It had rained a few days ago and the night it rained she was texting him. She had first said that she loved the rain at night because it calmed her and made her fall asleep. He had answered back, "Yeah it is so relaxing. I don't like it during the day though it messes up my hair. I do not like curls." Sophia laughed and called him a chick and they continued talking. Sophia asked him if his hair did curl. He answered," No, because it didn't rain!" Sophia laughed again, but was stopped by the nurses screech. "Oh my gosh, like, what happened?" The nurse tried to be cool, but it didn't work out so well. She was also the most ditzyist girl on the face of the planet. "Like, dog, you can, like, come inside."
  "I will stay with you a little while, I don't want the nurse to give you cold medicine." Sophia whispered quietly. Skyler giggled softly and said, I will just get ice and then we can go."